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How To Save Money While Renting A New Car In Canada?

You might rent a car for a variety of reasons — for instance, to go on a long road trip with friends or family. Whatever be the reason, you want to save as much money as possible in the process. Here are some tips to guide you on saving money while renting a new car from a discount car rental in Vancouver

Be a part of a rental car loyalty rewards program

Mostly it doesn’t cost anything to join the loyalty program of car rental services. You might end up saving a large sum of money if you rent cars frequently. Companies would also keep your preferences and travel history on record. Subsequently, the next time you book, it won’t be much of a hassle. They would also award you reward points for each ride you book. 

Multiple car rentals also let you transfer your elite status from one company to the next. So, switching won’t be a problem at all. 

Look for Coupons

Before you pay the final amount to a luxury car rental in Vancouver, try applying discount coupons. You can search for different coupons on the internet or by asking around. Even if you are a loyalty program member, you can double your savings by adding these extra coupons. 

Use a Rental-Friendly Credit Card

When you pay for your reservations with a credit card, you end up fetching extra discounts. However, certain cards can provide more discounts than usual ones. There are added insurance benefits with some cards too. 

Use Online Aggregators for Comparing Price

Several online aggregators do the hunting for you. There are several sites that you can use to compare prices of different exotic car rental in Vancouver. If you apply through a rental car agency, you might be eligible for an extra discount. 

Go for Pre-Payments

There are two ways through which you can pay the car rental services: 

  1. Prepayment while you book the ride.
  2. Paying while picking up the car.

You would end up paying up to twenty percent less when you pay using the first option. 

For instance, if you’re prepaying $28 per day for the car, but you would have to pay $34 per day if you fetch the vehicle in person. If it is a 5-day trip, you can save close to 30$, which is a significant amount. 

Avoid Renting from the Airport directly

It might sound convenient to book your ride directly from the airport. But it has been proven that you will end up paying close to thirty percent more when you do so. Booking through airport rental kiosks can dent your pockets since these kiosks charge a convenience fee too. Take a taxi or any other public transport to town. From there, you can rent your ride. 

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