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Renting A Car For The First Time? Check Our Guide!

It is embarrassing to be marched out as soon as you walked into a car rental office because you aren’t old enough to be trusted with an automobile. It is more mortifying to imagine being a business person from another country, who was stuck in his journey because a car hire agency rejected his driver’s license.

Both scenarios are best left in the world of imaginations. Here is our reality: renting a car doesn’t have to be scary. For a first-timer reading this, renting a vehicle from Independent Rent a Car Vancouver is like going on an adventure: it is thrilling, amazing and less-complicated than you might imagine.

Renting a car is actually worth the experience when you are promptly armed with the right information on what is required of you to do.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you want to get a unique experience in a car, we have come up with answers and suggestions to make it easy for you to rent a car in the mountains-surrounded, busy west coast seaport city of Vancouver.

The Basic Requirements You Should Have Before Renting A Car from us In Vancouver.

There are three simple things you should know:

You should be old enough

Here, we don’t mean old like the old of a senior citizen. In essence, you should be above 18 years of age before you are eligible to be trusted with a car from a car rental company. For our underage younglings 18 years or less, you may stop reading at this point. Thank you.

You should have a valid driver’s license

Simply put, a car hire company would ask you for a non-digital, government-issued driver’s license beating your photograph before allowing you go close to their car. British Columbia should have legitimately issued the license if you’re a resident of BC, or by your province or country if you’re a visitor to Vancouver. Also, the date on your license must not expire during the period of using a rented car.

For international visitors, it is recommended that you bring along your International Driver’s Permit in addition to your country’s driver’s license if the license is written in a language that is not English nor French. However, in a situation where it is difficult to get an International Driver’s Permit from your country, you can bring along a professionally-typed translation of your license attached to your driver’s license. As a note of warning, don’t present a photocopy of your driver’s license. Originals, only, please.

You should have your money and preferably a Credit Card

Money is the king of it all. No money, no car renting. To rent a car from Independent Rent A Car Vancouver, you can pay cash, including an upfront damage deposit, use a credit card or a debit card. Prepaid cards are not acceptable.

How To Get A Cheap or Affordable Car Renting Bargain In Vancouver

If you consider the amount of money spent on buying a car for occasional use, you’ll agree with us that it is cheaper to rent a car for a given period. The rates vary with date and car type, but the lowest that you can expect to pay for renting a car in Vancouver is CAD 20 per day. On average, you can expect to pay about CAD 50 per day – but it depends on the model you are renting, too. These prices are not fixed because they change depending on supply and demand.

Furthermore, you generally pay more when you are hiring on a daily basis than when you’re paying for a weeklong renting. The following tips can help you get a cheap or affordable bargain:

Make early booking for a rental car

Ideally, a reservation should be made months ahead. However, if you think booking months earlier is too inconvenient, aim to do it at least six days before you embark on your journey to or from Vancouver. That way, you’re sure to get it for a price that is very friendly to your wallet.

Patronize car hire agencies located away from an airport

An airport is relatively a busy place with many people seeking rental options. It is logical to expect that car rental agencies located close to an airport will charge higher. To cut cost, look for a car hire agency that is off the airport grid. Further cut cost by hiring an economy rental car like a Chevrolet Spark. This is not the time to go flashy.

Additional Information

  • The car speed limit permitted in urban areas of Vancouver is 50 kilometres per hour (31 miles per hour) while 80 kilometres per hour (50 miles per hour) can be reached in the rural areas.
  • Customers below age 25 are charged extra rates for renting a car.
  • Return the rented car on the agreed day and time to avoid extra charges.
  • Unless otherwise stated, return the car to the place where you hired it from.

Here you have them: our tips and suggestions for renting a car in Vancouver.

If you follow through with what you have gleaned from here, you won’t have to run into any risk at all.



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