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What Should You Know Before Renting a Car?

Renting a car for business or vacation traveling makes sense. It helps to save a lot of your time that you’d be spending on taxi rides. Although countless car rental service options are available in the marketplace, renting a car is still a terrific convenience for travelers who wish to get around on four wheels.

As a matter of fact, car renting or finding a cheap car rental in Vancouver is quite normal for some people who rent cars on a routine basis. On the other hand, some people don’t even know the appropriate questions to ask from their car rental company. Therefore, you must do your homework properly and consider all essential factors before renting a car.

Valuable Points to Keep in Mind before Renting a Car

While there are some things that you cannot change, like the damaged car policies or the allowed driver age, there are still certain things that you can argue about before renting a car. Even though the entire process of renting a car is quite daunting for first-time and veteran travelers, there are 3 valuable things that you need to know before renting a car to get the best deal for your investment.

  1. Extra payment for extra drivers
    Many first–time travelers don’t know that most car rental companies or agencies charge their prospective customers for extra drivers. In fact, some companies charge an extra fee for every additional driver added to the rental policy. Although it’s not a bad idea to register a minimum of two drivers for sharing the whole travel drive, you may choose to opt for rental car deals that require single-driver fees. In this way, you can easily avoid paying unnecessary fees to your car rental company.
  2. Inspect your rental car
    It is always recommended to inspect your rental vehicle beforehand. Make sure that before you hop into your rental car and drive it off with the wind, you thoroughly check it for dents, scratches, and other signs of damage. It is always a good idea to get someone who can carefully inspect your rental car and verify all existing damages to help you avoid any accidental damage claims at the time of car return.
  3. Your Travel Route and the type of roads
    Given that a wide range of rental car options is readily available in the market, you must select the right car that best suits your purpose and budget limits. Make sure you always drive your rental car on paved roads. Driving your rental car on uneven or graveled surfaces can eventually damage your vehicle, thereby causing you to pay for all repairing costs. Therefore, you must select the right type of car for your travel road trip.


Renting a car for your travel trips is always a good idea. You can always enjoy the convenience of traveling in a rental car, but make sure to go prepared to avoid racking up all unexpected costs. For more information on car rental in Vancouver, BC, you can contact Independent Rent A Car at 604-689-4400 and request a free quote for our rental car service.



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