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What to Do If You Have an Accident in a Rental Car

Who wants to deal with an accident, especially during vacations? If the fatal accident destroyed the rental car, then you might have to go through a lot of trouble and chaos.

In a rental car accident, the driver has to deal with the rental agreement and car insurance provided by the rental company. We’ve compiled a few things you should do if you face an accident after hiring a vehicle from car rental companies Vancouver.

Above all, make sure no one is hurt

There are high chances that people get hurt in accidents. Instead of thinking about all the complexities, check if anyone faced injuries. If the accident area is not quite populated, you might have to call for an ambulance or help yourself.

Report to the police station

If the rental car meets an accident, it becomes essential to call the police. File a report, and make a copy of it to show to the car company later. In case law enforcement involves, be ready with the driving license, vehicle registration card, current address, and other proofs.

Inform the car company

Provide all information related to the accident and assess the damages to negotiate the final price. The best thing one can do in this case is to take the car to a mechanic or garage nearby and get it repaired. It will decrease the extra burden of damages, and you don’t have to pay a lot to the company. Try to fix these damages on your own and avoid paying a hefty fee.

Contact the car insurance company

While renting a car, you must ask for insurance papers so that you can use them when an accident or any mishappening takes place. It will save you from any extra penalty fee for using an uninsured car. However, there are certain damages excluded from the insurance company papers so check them before renting the car.

Try interacting with the other party and exchange information

If any other party is also involved in the accident, reach out to them immediately. Determine if the scene is safe or not. In case it is, exchange information with the other party. Try to obtain witness personal information as well for your safety. Show empathy, but without admitting your fault(even if it was) to the other party.

Keep all necessary documents of the car

There is no point in paying the repair cost for the old damages in a rental car. If you rent a car that already has some dents or scratches, you should ask for documents from the company. It will save you from paying any extra fee other than the accident damages.

Know who is responsible for what in the claim

Sometimes the credit card you use to pay for the best car rental in Vancouver offers accident coverage as well. However, be well versed with what damages the rental company and the insurance company will cover.

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