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How to Find a Last-Minute Car Rental Deal in Vancouver

If you have an unexpected upcoming trip to Vancouver planned or you have a car that is in the shop for a few days, you may find yourself in the position of needing a last-minute car rental. While it may be true that booking a car last minute isn’t the best way to get the lowest rate, there are a few tricks that can help you find a good deal.

Here are a few ways to find the car that you need without blowing your budget.

Have a Reservation Before Hitting the Counter

In general, the absolute worst rates you get will be when you walk up to the counter without a reservation. Online rates have to be competitive, otherwise, you will just keep clicking until you’ve found a better one. When you walk up to the counter, however, you have less wiggle room. Even if you book your reservation on the way to the car rental counter, it will likely still be a cheaper rate.

Search for Coupons

In many cases, there will be some sort of coupon code to be found online. Before you make your reservation, do a quick search for car rental coupons or car rental discounts. Make sure that you add Vancouver to your search or you may end up with a great rate for a car in California.

Don’t be Afraid to Search the Airport Lots Even if You are a Local

There is a much higher turnover of cars at the airport. The local rental lots that generally serve in-town customers may not have the same level of inventory. Thus, their rates may be a little higher. Even if you are local to Vancouver, give the airport rental spots a check for steeper discounts.

Remember That You May Not Need the Insurance

If you own your own car and have full coverage, you may not need the insurance provided by the rental company. Most of the agents at the rental counter work on commission which means they are always going to suggest the insurance. However, you can save some cash by checking your own insurance policy first to see if you are covered.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Most of the time, the rental agent has a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to the rental rate. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower rate. The worst that can happen is they tell you no, but there is absolutely no harm in trying. You may be surprised at the discounts you receive.

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