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The spread of Novel Coronavirus has brought multiple challenges to lives, making it hard for people to deal with altogether. It has led to limited mobility through the imposition of restrictions on metros, public buses, and other public transports. As these are temporarily on hold at some places, a strong need for an alternate mode of transportation has emerged. This was where car rental companies in Vancouver offered their specialized services.

Even after the upliftment of the lockdown, overcrowding has made public transports unsafe. With the chances of transmission increasing with overcrowding, people tend to avoid using public transports. This has led to an increase in the use of private vehicles.

Is Renting a Car Safe During COVID-19?

Due to high transmission, public transport is unsafe. Therefore, private cars get the upper hand as they keep you in a safe environment, free from external infections. At the same time, not everyone is in a good economic position to buy a new car either. This calls for the best car rental in Vancouver as they also fit right into your budget.

The efforts being put in by rental companies justify the seriousness of the ongoing pandemic. Let us look at a few of these steps being taken by the rental car companies to ensure your safety.

  • Drivers and other staff of the company are fully vaccinated to ensure the least transmission of the coronavirus
  • Minimal public interaction while on duty
  • Cars are properly cleaned, wiped, and disinfected after every ride
  • Passengers are strictly asked to wear masks and gloves, failing to which their hire requests get canceled
  • Before the check-in, the passengers are properly sanitized, and after they leave, the contact points are duly disinfected

Make Your Rental Car Trip More Safe and Hygienic?

Apart from the advanced safety procedures rental car companies follow, you should also follow important safety regulations while traveling. A few of the most common precautions that you should keep in mind are mentioned below:

  • Always wear a mask and gloves and never take them off while traveling
  • Always keep a hand sanitizer and use it often
  • Keep your windows open to allow cross ventilation
  • Try to use a digital payment mode for all transactions to ensure that there is no physical contact between you and the car rental company executive
  • Always carry your digital vaccination certificate and produce them wherever necessary
  • Keep a good distance at all times and avoid overcrowding at any point in time

Running through these points, it becomes evident that renting a car will help you overcome a lot of hardships that you might face while buying a new one or while traveling during these times of COVID.

With good discounts on car rental in Vancouver, hiring a safe and sanitized car has become quite affordable and accessible. At Independent Rent a Car, you can hire a car of your choice from the wide range of selections being offered. To know more, contact them at 604-689-1423.



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